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Little Me and My Brain How God, or Universe, or Spirit, or SOME GREATER, humorous POWER gives us help sometimes....
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I have heard it said that only God can read our thoughts, the devil just has to guess. I have also heard some people say, “Oh, I won’t bother God with that, it’s such a little thing. He has more important things to worry about, like the starving in India.” Hello! We are Created by Perfect Beings …Are we saying God’s creations are nothing important? Have you ever had a little water leak turn into a big mess? Watch how many near smears on the freeways go away “just like magic”. Is it a little thing to get home safely day after day? I don’t think so! Ask my daughter how her “little” fender bender is now a big deal to her by not having a car. So how can we ever say, “I am just a little thing to God.” Little things…try sitting on a red anthill and see how quickly little things count! This morning, as I lay in bed thinking, I suddenly remembered a book I hadn’t thought of for years…”something about the Brain”. …I resolved to find out more details. I got out of bed, and thinking of books, I deciding to unpack a couple boxes. Maybe I would feel like I got SOMETHING done that day. As I arranged some books on the shelves, I came across “Me and My Little Brain” by Scott Fitzgerald, author of the humorous Great Brain Series! Out of the 100’s of books I have, I “just happened upon it” This to me was amazing, considering all the boxes left to unpack! And there was the book in my hands, just 10 minutes after getting out of bed. Was God reading my mind this morning or was I reading His? (Yea, right, that would be a big order, big flash of light and I would be dead from the power of it all!) All I know, is that those funny stories inspired me years ago to get into writing. Whatever the answer, I felt a little less small to the Big Guy in the sky. And we never know when a big loving reminder can make all the difference in a little day. By Karie Clingo; Author of “The Spin of Life Journal” ...seeing God's hand daily in the pages of days going by... This was published in The Health Source Newspaper, 2003 All Rights Reserved
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