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No Oxygen is a Pain! Just some thoughts on Oxygen....
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I was chatting with a friend of mine, Renelle Krueger, a very talented Doctor of Naturopathy back in 2001 and I was asking her why my daughter's face swelled up on just one side when she got her wisdom teeth pulled...and her answer sparked some thinking in other areas...funny how simple conversation do this! "Any opening in the body, such as surgery/wisdom teeth…will open to any toxicity present in the body and the toxins will head to the place of least resistance, a new wound, to get OUT of the body system." Then she continued, "Allow it to drain on it’s own!" She told me the story of an abscess in a tooth and having a zit on the face at the same time, “The kind you don’t want to pop.” She did, and the abscess drained THROUGH her face. “It was ugly, and I still have a scar.” The body is amazing! It loves getting RID of toxins... She said that now she likes to use the Essential Oils, ”Purification”, “Oregano”, “Thyme”. Then she suggested for PAIN; "To pack it with Cayenne Pepper, or swallow the Cayenne in capsules...“I have a theory that pain happens because there isn’t Oxygen in the site….” (Cayenne increases oxygen ...and has been known to stop heart attacks..so keep Tabasco Sauce in your glove compartment...?!) I definately believe the power of oxygen. Don't some relationships suck it out of us? And other people are "like a breath of fresh air..." Sometimes in the past I would have a very bad stomach ache from some cooked food, which as we now know, is pretty much void of oxygen. So I tried an experiment after this conversation and added oxygen to my bloodstream by DEEP BREATHING...and it seemed to help right away! So, maybe YOGA is a bit more than stretching into a pretzel....Speaking of Yoga. My favorite YOGA is *BIKRAM YOGA. I have found that I can get away with going only once or twice a week! Then other exercise is extra credit, and MORE AIR. For times when we can't get outside to walk, we can just bounce on a mini trampoline for 20 minutes a day, just to get the oxygen moving through out the body. Then again, there is nothing like a walk outside. Either way, or whatever we do, the message is TO BREATHE DEEPLY DAILY!!! After all, Adam in the Garden of Eden wasn't even alive until he took the BREATH OF LIFE. For your local *Bikram Yoga studio go to www.bikramyoga.com and look for one in your area...please, try it at least once! I am going to say this again and again, so JUST DO IT!!! Karie Clingo; The Busy Body Coach
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