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It’s All in the Penny Pot Do little things add up?
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Today I was at a store, tossing some shiny new pennies into the small penny pot on the counter and thought of how life for all of us has been improved, simply because of the penny pot. Could it be possible that this simple concept has entirely altered the way we think about each other? First I put a penny in and then you take one out, if you need it. We may never meet each other, yet we trust each other to use the pennies if we need them. We know that sometimes they will make all the difference because of that one-penny or two. Either you will be able to buy it, or not. As I walked out of the store to my car I thought of September 911 and how so many people from all over stepped up and refilled the empty penny pot as best they could. So often, without thinking deeply if we should or shouldn’t, we automatically hunt through our change for pennies to put in the pot. Somehow, there is an inner satisfaction, knowing those pennies will most definitely help someone. It’s just nice to know we truly helped someone, even down to the penny!

Then as I drove home, eating a juicy and delicious organic nectarine (that someone else had carefully grown and watered and some other strangers picked, packed, trucked, unwrapped and then put on display just for me) I stopped myself from tossing the pit out the window. “What if”, I asked myself, “I took this pit home, dried it, then soaked and sprouted it and planted it in good soil? Wouldn’t this be like putting more pennies into an even larger penny pot…one called the earth-en pot?” And what about those times we automatically go out of our way to open the door for someone, or give a lone hitchhiker a much-needed ride, or keep an eye out for someone else’s children…isn’t this also adding to a larger pot that we all take out of daily? And so the way I see it, we have advanced from a “melting pot” to a warm and friendly penny pot.

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