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A Shopping List for a Healthier Kitchen Things you need to have on hand to make food preparation easier...
Is Your Kitchen ALIVE ?.... Articles

BASIC items to carry in a Fresh Living Kitchen and an ALKALARIAN Kitchen;

For Salads, Marinades, and Soups;
*Cold Pressed (dark bottle) Olive Oil, Flax Oil, Udo’s Choice "Blend" & Cold-pressed Coconut Butter
Sea Salt, Redmond Salt, or Himalayan Salt (uncooked and mineral-rich)
Lemons or Limes (in place of vinegar)
Fresh and Dried Herbs/Spices (Hunter Spice is great)
Dried Fruit/Veggies (drying your own is easy!)
*Raw Nuts/Seeds such as pumpkin, flax and sunflower seeds for dressings, adding to greens, cereals and pie crusts.
Fresh Fruit & Veggies; in season
Dark Greens for juicing, lightly steamed dishes or salads (Wild greens too...look in your yard, and make sure they are not sprayed!)

Hot peppers
Pesto without cheese
Olives (Look for vinegar-free)
Sea Veggies such as Nori & Dulse

Miso for soups, sauces
Raw Goat cheese, feta, milk & yogurt

"Fake Meats" from Soy
Split Peas
Beans of all kinds
Winter Wheat for sprouting, juicing...
Cold-water fish such as
Trout, Salmon, Halibut...occationally

A stainless steel WOK
for LIGHT steaming
A Stainless steel Pot for the alkaline *grains
A Crockpot for Bean, Lentil or Split pea soups

The VITA MIX Blender is a favorite.
A large Jar, (or sprouter) with mesh lid or cheesecloth w/ rubber band. (Buy a Sprouter of some sort...they are easier!)
A Cutting Board
Excellent knives such as “Cutco” (life-time guarantee)
Pampered Chef tools such as garlic press, etc.
EXCALIBUR Dehydrator is a favorite because the temperature can be controlled, it is easy to use and has a 9-tray option that we recommend.
A Food Processor (the VITA MIX ends up doing most of the work....)
Salad Bowls & Colorful serving platters

Red Raspberry
White Willow
Blessed Thistle

Use Reverse Osmosis, Distilled with fresh lemon/lime squeezed into it
REGENCY II for Alkaline water for body and
Acid water for plants, skin and hair...
Call us for your discounted Regency II for our LaughingMother.com readers!
801 234-0315
Usually sold around $799.00 and higher; we sell ours for only $675
P.S. This gift of savings to you also INCLUDES the shipping!

Go to your local HERB SHOP and get your first aid BALMS and HERBAL REMEDIES.
HOMEOPATHIC Cell Salts for specifics such as
leg cramps, stuffiness, etc.

REMEMBER to have fun with seasonings, eat plenty of deep greens daily, get at least 1 Tablespoon of healthy plant fat daily for each 50 pounds of body weight, and drink at least a gallon of good water daily. Make sure to include an excellent source of minerals such as the sea minerals or Himalayan Salts. Get ENOUGH sleep each night! Studies show that people that get less have more of a challenge with their overeating and weight.
Keep carbs/fruit down to 27% of the daily diet and concentrated proteins, such as nuts, beans, fish down to 2% of the daily allowlence. Let greens be your main protein source!
Exercise four times a week for 20 minutes and get sunshine...Most of all, count your blessings and think of the good things in your life! Be kind to others and be polite on the roads. Trust Karma, know God is there; Ask, receive what is for your highest and best good, trust God and give thanks! Get out in nature and be respectful to HER! Know you are loved.

Bless you and your loved ones,

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