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Raindrops that Giggle Looking for clues....
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If puppies instinctively follow everything a mother dog does, and children learn to pattern after their parents, then who is really to blame when things “go sour”? Children seem to have it all made; yet we all confess being damaged as a kid. Was it when the television was switched on and we started using words such as, “rock” and “suck”? Or was it when we decided the imaginary world was included with Santa Claus and so all magic must go, once we “grew up”….

Yet, even now, in the grown up world, I see that most of us live by dreams and imagination…. Our ideas are always in the imagination first! Just as children sit and daydream about what they will be doing as a grownup, I think God daydreams about us. What will happen once they get a clue to their real birthright and the innate power inside them? Perhaps we can look for clues to that power in the dreams we had as children. I, for instance, dreamed of writing books, I am now writing books. So, it took some years, but what really is time? Was the dream to write books my dream or God’s dream? We are told to “Stop dreaming and get real”, yet I am happy when I am living IN my dreams. So what is real…dreams or “reality”? When we believe in our dreams, I believe the real miracles come. In other words, God backs up dreams, because He gave them to us in our very fabric of self…? I remember how Jesus, a true Master, said to, “Be as a little child”. This is the One who figured out how to resurrect His own body; that makes Him pretty smart in my eyes. If He asks me to “be as a little child” who am I to argue? So I imagine things, daydream a lot and dare to have faith in my childhood dreams and if this is foolish, I will never know it because in my dreams, I am happiest. So I go play with my children, read a great book, check my emails for dreamers or stare into space to gather more dreams home to earth. Perhaps it is time to watch a bug make it’s way across the floor, or look for fairies amongst the flowers and get back into the days when raindrops giggled.
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