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Money, Money…Money? When short on funds, try these simple, proven ideas and generate some money!

Have you ever NOT had any money? This true story may have some beneficial ideas of how small things can affect the whole:

“I learned a couple months ago that money may not grow on trees, but it grows in all sorts of ways. I had spent every cent for some education expenses that I felt would be worth more in the long-run. But when I got home from the course I somehow forgot I had no money left in my bank account. Before I knew it, the next time an opportunity came; I grabbed it but spent the money using a credit card. Now I was caught in a bind. Normally, in the past, I would pay off the credit card completely each month, budgeting how much I would spend each month on the card. I would use the credit card to buy such things as gas, internet items, business tools and electronics that could be better tracked through the credit card system. (Plus, I like the free trips I got to take and cash I got every so often.) But now my payment was coming up. Was it Karmic? Is it true that “Nothing in this life is free?” I was starting to suspect so. Here I had a zero balance in my bank account and I felt extremely trapped and terrible. I took a very close look at my attitudes about money and the energy of money and started making some changes. The first thing I did was to take all the receipts OUT of my wallet. It seemed such a small thing, but I could SEE that there was energy in those receipts and it still said, “SPEND”! I said, “No!” to that and now, after buying food or what-not, I immediately pull the receipt out of my wallet or pocket and put it into the car, tucking them into a business envelop kept in the side pocket, along with any business receipts. I now record EVERY dollar spent, even cash. I quit using my credit card. If I didn’t have the money, I didn’t buy it. They could just wait and so could I!

I also had an eye-opening conversation with a very wise young lady who told me about her simple savings strategy. It was so simple I decided to try it. She said she would save $20 dollars each week, no matter what, and put it into her Savings account, separate from the Checking account. I thought, “That’s $80 a month, $800 in 10 months…that’s more than the zero I have now!” So I started. At first I was stressed about the Credit Card debt, thinking I needed to pay it first before savings…but after losing lots of sleep and turning rather grumpy, I decided that my life and attitude was more important than money in the long run and decided upon a number I would pay each month to the Credit Card Company. I found a low interest rate card and transferred the “loan” to that card. Then when the bill came, instead of stressing about it or, about the interest rate ticking away, or being tempted to only pay the required “minimum” amount, I wrote a check out for the amount I had set and pre-determined to pay each month and paid that. It was basically the same number I had spent before each month on the credit card and I saw that the entire debt would be cleared up in a few months time. Then I had to re-think all of my current spending. No more “pie in the sky” dreams of wealth. I needed to be real and very honest with myself. First I told the children what I had done with my credit card, hoping to defer them from using one that way, EVER! They didn’t really believe how it would change things until they heard NO more than “Yes” to their money requests.

I looked at what I was buying and cut way, way back. I started shopping not only sales but in second-hand shops when I needed to. It became a treasure hunt. Out came the sewing machine! All our creative juices were flowing, and still do! It feels good. I make homemade meals now that are inexpensive and healthy…This means we now eat together, and make meals together. We all enjoy these simple meals. It beats packaged food, full of nothing. These meals we have now are easy to make and I know this will help my children when they are on their own; they can make them without much fuss and expense. (Then when they go on dates, they will appreciate those dates so much more…and maybe say Thank You!) Many times we have now opted to stay home and I went ahead and purchased a one-price deal for a month of videos from our local Hollywood store. We spend more time talking too! This message of honest money sent a new message to my spend-happy children. Each of them are looking for jobs to do outside the home and are earning their own spending money…and valuing their earned dollars much more! Just today my son told me, with excitement…and he IS a teenager; “I might have found a job mom!” and he told me what it was. I was just as excited for him. And guess what? This week, when I looked at my bank accounts, I see I now have over a thousand dollars between both of them! From zero to a thousand in three months…not too bad! (I am avoiding touching this money, so I can use it for business ventures that can GROW money as they come.) I am much more careful about saving others money as well and giving them the best value for their dollar. No, money does not grow on trees. I have learned, out in the hot sun of experience that I must do the work, pruning, fertilizing and THINKING creatively, and then the fruit of my labors will show up as money in my trees of labor!”

-Stop looking at money as evil! Who wants evil?
-Money is JUST MONEY!
-Money does NOT BUY FREEDOM! Attitude can be freedom…and a pro-active attitude (“What can I do to change this?”) can bring about more freedom to ACT!
-Get focused!
-Get another job!
-Stop thinking of money as love!
-Do work for the EXPERIENCES GAINED!
-Try different jobs, for different experiences…it will make you an interesting person!
-Set some goals…what do you want to buy or do with the money you SAVE to spend?
-AND, SAVE money for a Rainy day…the day when opportunity to grow money comes knocking….So you can say YES!
-Look at your FIXED expenses…and cover these! If you can’t cover these, then sell something! Is your car too expensive? Trim down. Sell stuff on E-bay. Teach a community class. Don’t be too proud to work several jobs! Just make sure, at the same time, you are saving towards something fun…that IS your dream and your dream alone….be it a book, invention, new game, etc.
-Work is the best thing for mankind and is one of the most honest things we can do!
-Be realistic about how much you are charging for your services! Look at the local economy. If you don’t like those wages, start working AND saving and buy your opportunity to expand globally, or to move elsewhere. Complaining will only give Universe an excuse to teach you a lesson on local compassion, or to shut you up!
-Look into Direct Sales (MLM’s) =Residual Income. Forget the old ideas about it. It is a real job and to be successful takes effort, a great product and a good team around you. There are “good” MLM’s and “bad” ones. (Look in the Green Up! ARTICLES for “Tips on MLM’s”) and make sure to keep a record of gas expenses, food, etc….Remember! You can write off almost everything when you do a Direct Marketing/MLM business!
-Make a list of all the ideas you have of making income, and START! Be excited, so others will be too!
-Look in the paper and just do it! Don’t look at “No, we can’t use you right now” or “You don’t have enough experience” as rejections. Look at them as CHALLENGES….ask them if you could learn on the job. Work for free for a month with them and see if you like the job and can figure it out to their satisfaction. They get a free worker and you get free training! You can always keep experience and add it to your resume! Think of it as Service to the Community and Training.
-READ EVERYTHING, except the newspaper! It’s always the same, old miserable news that keeps the mind down and depressed. Instead, look around and see the good things happening. If you can’t find any, you make them happen! Keep your mind active and alert…BE an interesting person!
-Do community service! This will say great things to the Universe and Universe will help you for FREE too!
-Smile and have fun…and eat chocolate! It has been know to save lives! (Look in ARTICLES in Kitchen Alive…”Chocolate Saved My Life!”)
-Get the family involved. Open a Savings Account for each child. $20 will do. These are usually free…if not, change banks! Your loved ones will thank your for this habit.
-Pray! God is real and cares. God waits for us to “Ask. Knock. Seek and ye shall find.” Notice that you will find…and God will help give you IDEAS on how YOU can do the job well.
-Regardless of your title or job, honest labor is incredibly satisfying.
-We have too many doctors and lawyers…your “simple job title”, is of MUCH more value to all of us!
-Oh, and if you don’t feel like God will answer little old you…have you ASKED? If you say yes, then you haven’t bugged God enough, nor done ALL that YOU can do!
- “Pray as if it all depends upon God and then work as if it all depends upon you!”
-In work you will find your heart…and your heart will find work, because hearts LOVE to work!

Best of luck!
The Green Up! Company Writers
www.kitchenalive.com ARTICLES 2004

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