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Energy and Traveling.... Natural energy tips for sleepy day blues
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Dedicated to Willie of Las Vegas Do you ever head out on a long road trip only to start getting drowsy or fatigued just a couple hours later? I have discovered some secrets to making the journey with my eyes wide opened…without any drugs, coffee or drastic means. Just recently I made a 10 hour drive and went through Las Vegas where I stopped by a gas station…my car was needing the energy of gasoline. I started talking to a nice gentleman named Willie in the gas station store who was debating on buying something to help him stay awake for his own bus-driving job. We started talking and it got me remembering a promise I have made recently to get my travel secrets “out there”. The time is now and I have Willie to thank for getting me to my computer and getting this information out to you. I see these wonderful people that drive us around, or drive our food, clothing and other things to our stores, and notice the coffee intake and other keep them awake while driving substances in the truck stops, and keep thinking it is time to share my healthy energy tricks! Here are the secrets; The first one is getting enough good water; being hydrated which means drinking at least a GALLON of GOOD water a day! This does NOT include coffee or soda. These actually dehydrate the body cells, stress the pancreas, liver and kidneys and create an acidic bloodstream…causing fatigue as the blood has to literally rob the body of cell making material to keep the blood at a specific level of integrity…all for keeping us alive. Yet we mistakenly think that coffee, or soda, or any other caffeine drink will wake us up, when it does just the opposite. Yes, drinking up to a gallon of water may mean that while the truck or airplane or car is filling up with gas, we are using the restroom…but it leaves us hydrated and feeling much more energetic. For the munchies, munch on celery, flax crackers, or carrots instead. Watch the Carbs! They turn to sugar and drag energy quickly. Because I also travel in the air as well, I like SuperGreen Powder for oxygen benefits to the cells. (Look below for the details) The particular SuperGreens that I like the best is low-heat dehydrated wheatgrass, shave grass and other greens* for body and cell nutrition, thus keeping the body alert and the blood healthy. I call it my “green coffee” or “swamp water”, or “green power”…depending on the person who asks just what I am drinking. Because I enjoy the benefits (people have been known to loose weight on this stuff! Fat is protecting the body from all the acid foods, sugars and drinks we consume and responds by tucking the acid into our inner spaces….between the muscles and joints…which cause aches, pains…and weight. So when we add alkaline super foods and water, the fat drops off. My own son only took the Super Green capsules, along with his pizza and pasta and has lost weight, improved his skin, his energy and his outlook…a good thing for a teenager!!!) These particular Super greens don’t have rice powder, or fillers to add “sugar” into the body. Sugar is the best way to fall asleep after the age of ten, and to get fat! But it robs the body of energy when we wake so it is best to stay away from sugar making foods as much as possible. Choose instead to make friends with greens and vegetables, PLUS Cold-pressed Olive Oil, avocados, Flax Seed oil, Primrose oil, “Udo’s Choice Oil Blend”…pour these ideal fats into green smoothies, soups, salads, chili, etc. Healthy plant fats are an excellent way to feed the brain, tissues and joints. For those that desire, occasional cold water fish, such as Salmon, Trout and Halibut is also known as “Brain Food”, and as truck drivers, bus drivers, pilots and all travelers know…we need our brains to be sharp and alert when we are on the “go”. The third trick or tool that I personally use when I travel, or am experiencing the occasional afternoon “slug hour” is; Wachters Futura 200. These little green sea vegetable tablets are pressed with low, low heat (all of these foods are “rawfoodists” friendly) and also have some excellent minerals for good blood and bone support. I asked a world-renowned nutritional doctor if he approved of them and he said “Yes!”…. Not that I was surprised, just glad to get his approval, as he is one of the best and truest doctors in this world, and I deeply respect his approval. And so, after keeping the Wachters Futura 200 and their other sea products to myself for years, only telling my immediate family members, I now realize, watching the energy struggle we all have in our busy lives, that it is time to let others know how to get more natural energy, without the damage in the long run that coffee and soda will have on the whole body systems. So thank you Willie of Las Vegas for the nudge to finally get this information out there! For those who want to start TODAY, try these three power foods; 1. Good water (such as Distilled water with a squeeze of lemon…go for a gallon a day!) Think of water as food! Food for our blood! Blood for life abundant! 2. Greens…have a nice plate of veggies at least once a day and deep, leafy greens. Sprouts are great to have daily as well. 3. Healthy Plant Fats such as all COLD PRESSED Olive, Sesame, Borage, Primrose, Flax Seed oils and Dr. Udo’s Oil Blend and LOTS OF AVOCADOS DAILY!!! (Try at least one tablespoon, per 50 pounds of your body weight of the good oils DAILY.) 4. Just for good measure; buy and use Sea Salt that has the brown minerals still in it and toss the table salts! “Redman Salt” is also fine as well as Celtic. 5. Use Cell Salts for specific body cell needs. 6. Sea minerals from Dulse, Nori, Kelp or Wachters Futura 200. Here is the key: Numbers 1, 2 and 3 should be kept to 71% of our body nutrition daily…the rest is in smaller increments…carbohydrates are 27% of the daily diet, and include fruit and grains. Proteins such as Spirilina, beans and fish are 2% of our body needs…remember, wheatgrass juice and deep greens make muscle…think of the horse and the cow…where do they get their protein? We don’t need to eat their flesh to make our body! Our digestive system is not designed for that kind of “food”! It is meant for emergencies and starvation times only. Think about it; if our diet was so great, how come so many people around us are getting sick & tired and dis-eased? Think “clean fuel for my body”…. Greens, or chlorophyll is the closest thing to the hemoglobin molecule, our blood. The river of life makes up our entire body and determines the quality of our lives, by the quality of our blood. It takes less energy to digest these correct elements, leaving us MORE ENERGY to enjoy our lives. If we aren’t enjoying our lives, perhaps it is time to do that training, or get that degree that has waited “until tomorrow” or pick up that hobby we were waiting for retirement to do. And, of course the best way to feel better about life is to smile more at strangers, serve in the community and open doors for people around you. Love always is the best food of all! Products that help naturally with more healthy energy: -SuperGreens, Super Soy Sprout powder and Prime pH drops; add one scoop or each to a liter of good water, at least four times a day. Go to www.innerlightinc.com/greenup to order. (Money Saving tips: Pay their $34.95 “Distributor Sign-up fee”, it includes Dr. Robert O. Young’s The pH Miracle book, CD, etc with that fee and then you can buy these products wholesale from now on! You don’t have to sell these to get the wholesale price! …Just have a “Distributor” status…you do NOT have to do Autoship unless you want to, or want to build a business. Easily pay for that fee in savings in the first Order!) Suggested size to save money in the long run (I wish someone had told me this!); The largest SuperGreen powder usually lasts up to three months! This is truly nutrition in a bottle, and saves money in a larger size. The largest Super soy Sprout Powder will last around a month…it makes the greens go down easily…with a better, milder flavor. For those that don’t want to drink it, the SuperGreen Capsules would be the next best thing. (My son lost weight on just the SuperGreen Capsules alone…) The Prime pH would be good to add to any water to raise the pH alkalinity in the water and increase the oxygen potential=energy. For those that need better hair, or bones, or all around strength, the Ortho Pack has been wonderful to consume as well as the green powder. These three items; the SuperGreens, Super Soy and Prime pH are easy to carry on trips and shake up into any bottled water along the way. I do it while filling up my car with fuel. Good for airline pilots as well…liquid nutrients and energy in a bottle, plus hydration and oxygenation…. a definite plus! Using these healthy food concentrates, I just passed my flight physical with “flying colors”. -Wachters Futura 200 and other sea minerals, etc. TIP: Be warned to not take all six in each packet at once! For women try one to start with, then two as needed. I have only had to use three on two occasions when I was having an allergic reaction to the mold in some peanuts. For men, maybe start with two and go to three before sporting events or on a sluggish morning or afternoons. Figure it out for your own body. Children that can swallow these “horse tablets” (as laughingly named by my family), can get benefits from the minerals in them for their growing bodies. They also have Children’s Chewables that taste quite good. Go to www.clingo.wachtersdistributor.com and order there. Call if you like them and we will show you how to get these wholesale, and get a check just by using them! (I thought all MLM’s were like this company…but later learned otherwise…. Each one is different, so learn how to USE MLM’s! HINT: Anyone can sign up as a “Distributor”, yet not sell the products and still get the wholesale price! And you don’t have to do “Autoship” to get the wholesale price, only if a person wants to sell them and make a profit. Wachters does NOT require “Autoship” for getting checks. They have been in business, as an MLM for over 70 years…. We can say “They got it right”! -Regency II Ionic Water Purifier is a new product we now sell and comes out of Canada. This purifier will purify your water AND raise the pH up to 10! Use the “acid” water residue as a hair rinse; water plants with it, and even use it for cleaning! We offer it at an excellent price, just to get it into your hands. People have had wonderful results in their energy and health just by drinking this water! My Purchasing Source, at 60 years old, just had a bone density test and happily passed the test…. her last one, three years prior to drinking this pH water, was labeled at a pre-stage to osteoporosis. She was very happy about her new result! Most of the Regency purifiers will sell up to $1,200 but we are selling the same one for only $599.00 and this includes shipping!!! We just want more people to be able to buy it! No more need for bottled water or running to the health food store for Distilled water. It is small and easy to hook up and use. I love mine. It has saved me money already! This is blood before alkaline water: This blood on the left is one month later, on just 2 liters a day of *good, alkaline water, no diet change. (Known as *“Rain” now distributed through Forever Green…but expensive, so I love this little purifier! It does the same thing, plus add in the Wachters mineral; Futura 200…it is better!) BEST HEALTH TO YOU! ENJOY YOUR NEW ENERGY! Karie Clingo is a Nutritional Microscopist and a Well Being Instructor. She has studied nutrition, diets and health for 29 years, teaches workshops and trainings and is also a CRT Instructor, Business owner, Author, and mother of five. FOR INFORMATION OR ORDERS; Call The Green Up! Company 1-801-376-3245 These items also make great gifts! Karie in Peru (red shirt, center with the guy appearing on her shoulder) at the Four Wind’s Society “Healer’s Journey” where she learned the hard way about the importance of CLEAN WATER and eating greener foods and having ALKALINE BLOOD!!! But that is a whole other story!
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