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Is Cancer a Death Sentence? Some people are meant to die...others will live on. Here are some healthful foods and ideas that have helped some people through their health challenges.
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Why do some people live through cancer, and some die with cancer? Is there really a true answer or is it just fate, “their time to go” or a complete mystery? We all know people who were diagnosed with cancer and are now living a full life, while others go quickly. When they live, we hear of a variety of ways that they “heal” the cancer, but never know if it will work for all…thus it makes this “disease” a real challenge. No one in the healer’s world, including medical doctors, can say that there is a true “cure” for this “disease”. The following natural helps have been known to help some “survivors” but, as usual, there are NO guarantees;

1. Eating food in it's REAL state; Lentils, soaking and cooking beans in smaller amounts and greatly increasing the veggies in the diet, up to 70%, including good water as food. Deep, heavier Veggies such as brocolli and Kale lightly steamed. Sprouts that are fresh such as Sunflower Sprouts.
2. An 80% greens and fresh plant diet has been known to greatly help. Blended green soups, smoothies and juiced greens…plus adding more healthy cold-pressed plant oils such as Olive oil, flax oil, primrose, sesame, "Udo’s Blend", etc.
3. Seriously limiting refined sugar, including raw sugars and for a couple of months, fruit as well.
4. Good minerals from the sea have been helpful, as well as replacing table salt with Sea Salt, or Naturally rich mineral salts.
5. Cell salts have been useful as well. Some like to use Homeopathic's for the specific physical maladies, ask a professional Herbalist abouth these.
6. Adding plenty of natural herbs and healthy, NOT irradiated seasonings (usually at healthfood stores. Brands such as HUNTER SPICE) can make eating more veggies actually pleasurable, in addition to a sliced avocado in the dish.
7. Some have had luck with more powerful herbal blend and work closely with a professional herbalist who is familiar with the ancient skills of healing.
8. Another helpful food has been fresh wheatgrass juice, dried or fresh…
Freshly juiced being the BEST. My own mother cleared her arthritis using this wonderful "staff of life" juiced plant and dropped dairy and meat, except cold-water fish from her diet. She is hard for the children to keep up with now!
Some like to buy it at Jamba Juice, or any local health food store that carries it, organic being ideal. Yet if one can obtain the organic hard winter wheat,
seeds, grow the grass in trays and juice it or simply munch on it, but not swallowing the
fiber, this can be a whole new experience!
9. Others have had success with going to a more oriental diet, such as the Macrobiotic Diet.
10. Some swear by parasite cleanses. I personally like the Dr. Christopher Herbal Blends. And others have used a "zapper" as well, or only. Go to ARTICLES on “Making Your Own Simple ZAPPER” for beginners using a 9-volt battery…
10. Colonics are also helpful for cleaning up the “inner man”, unless the person has had certain types of lower bowel surgeries…keeping the bowels clean is always a good idea! Plus, a person gets a great idea of the cleanliness or filthy state of their own innerself! This is why greens and veggies are a better food choice, they tend to leave less acid ash in the bloodstream and bowels. The main goal for an abundant life is excellent blood. A good blood pH is 7.365 in the small intestines where the blood pH is determined. Read more in pH Miracles by Dr. Robert O. Young published by Time/Warner Books, 2004.
11. Lymphatic massage gets the acids moving out… just remember to increase good water intake, and be ready to feel your garbage in the blood...keep moving and drinking water! Better out than in!
12. Again, MOVEMENT is always been mostly helpful!
13. Seriously limiting or completely eliminating red meat and poultry, including eggs of all kinds has been very helpful for many people. When they replace those old proteins, and gut rot, with the new blood maker…greens, including fresh sprouts and good water intake (at least a gallon a day for 110 pound person, on average.), they notice a tremendously new energy level. (NOTE: Red meat does NOT digest and creates a filthy internal environment where a bacterium environment thrives as well as parasites and their waste. Poultry do not urinate but hold their urine INSIDE their tissues…so people are actually eating bird urine when they eat chicken, turkey, etc. This means more acid in the bloodstream. But please, don’t make enemies of your friends that eat poultry in front of you! Wait for a tactful time to inform them, if they care. Let people choose their own diets and stop judging them! Let them live and die how they choose.)
14. For all, it is a good idea to completely eliminate acid forming drinks such as ALL SODA, coffee, caffeine tea and for a while, limit chocolate and carob. (Obviously herbal teas, such as Red Raspberry are okay).
15. A deep desire to LIVE WELL is vital, but life can be on earth or in heaven.
16. Support. LOVE and respect can be the best medicine of all….

Remember that every soul has chosen his or her “exit time” when they leave their dust bodies here and go back “home” to heaven. They also have chosen their challenges and all the wonderful lessons that come with them. Never rob someone of the lessons by judging them! When we insist upon someone being a barbarian, we become barbarians ourselves. Whatever we insist, we become. It is a law. And so if we insist upon love, we will also become love.

We must respect all ages and stages of life and realize some didn’t choose a very long life, respect that they chose life here on this planet, and rejoice in the time spent with them. We are never greater than Infinite Wisdom. And Infinite Wisdom says to give us choice above all. Even God will not go against our agency, that is how much He and She love us!
We can live but never die because our love is so great. And again, we can die, having never lived because of our constant fear of death. We get what we focus on the most.

“Death” is simply a graduation step we will all reach someday. Let those whose time is up go gracefully, with dignity and respect! This is something we in the western world need to improve in our culture: dignity in death. For those that have sat at the bedside of the exiting soul, this can be a very spiritual, sacred experience as the “veil” gets very thin as angels and loved ones come to comfort and prepare the soul for that happy transition. To them, they are returning! Life to the next sphere is as sacred as when babies are born, the soul being re-born back to its original state. The best thing we can do for those in transition is let them talk, let them rest and fill their hearts with joy.

Those who will “heal”, or stay for a while longer, are gathering many valuable lessons that sometimes can only be learned when “sick”. I have a neighbor who has cancer but I feel I should not interfere with her lessons. I know in my exurberance I could do more harm than help. She loves her soda. I hate soda and it's effects I see in people's bodies. So I know I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut. Since I can't BE there, I can at least pray for her! (There are many valuable experiences as we all learn to dig deep within our souls and trust our own intuition.) When my neighbor ASKS for my support and more information, only then should I share what I have experienced, but still respect her doctor's wishes and know that it may be her time to go.

“Cancer” for some is the exit call and for others, it is time of introspection and gathering of wonderful inner strength. We can turn the word Cancer into;

With Love and Peace,
Karie Clingo
Author of
The Spin of Life Journal
Instructor of the Cellular Remodulation Technique
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