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How to Use MLM’s…. Instead of Them Using You Do you duck and cover when certain MLM friends or family members come into the room? Learn to use MLMs....so they won't use you anymore!
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It is a rare person over the age of 30 that has NOT been approached by someone selling a MLM product as a “great business opportunity” that sounds so good. But before you know it your friend or family member is trying to sell you the whole company as well. So you give in and notice your own friends and family start to hide whenever you are less than a mile away. Finally many have learned how to USE MLM’s instead of letting them use us! Check out these secrets, and simple ideas and be ready the next time someone approaches you about their world-changing product, life empowering company, or THE only way to make a million dollars by tomorrow…. here goes; 1. REMAIN DETACHED…Listen, be observant, but MAKE NO DECISION in front of them…take time away from the person, or people, or party, or conference, seminar, etc. to determine if you even like their product or service. 2. Once you decide you do like the concept or the product, TRY THE PRODUCT. 3. If you like it, decide how you want to use the product. There are basically two choices, even though the sales friend/person who introduced you may think there is only one way to approach the business, remember it is their way…and that is okay, for them. 4. Here are the next two options; A. Sell the products and company as a new, part-time job. Treat this as a real job, not a way to get rich quick. There is no such thing. This is work, be professional and pay your dues! Set goals, attend the conferences and trainings, learn sales and love the products, but respect family and friends and leave them alone! Let them approach you. (We suggest you don’t even tell extended family members, until you are making a nice income….) Look for what to look for in an MLM in our ARTICLE in the Green Up! Company section of our website titled: “Three Secrets to MLM’s for Both the Consumer and Sales”. B. Be the Dedicated Consumer, or occasional discount buyer …This is how to USE the MLM company; How to Buy Wholesale through any MLM Company; 1. Sign up as a “Distributor”…this will enable you to buy their products at wholesale. 2. If the product is consumed regularly, then go ahead and sign up under the AUTOSHIP program and add it to the food bill …otherwise, skip that option. Do not think you HAVE to do this!!! (For most MLM’s they *require this to receive a check for those who want to receive a check on volume.) This option is nice to use if the product will be needed each month, such as the InnerLight SuperGreens or other consumable products. 3. That’s it! Most sign up fees vary from Free to $60.00. (Innerlight Inc. sends a pH Miracle book, video, CD and water bottle, in addition to the forms for the $34.95 sign up fee.) Make sure and Copy the forms for your future orders and keep it in a file for your use. 4. To sign up: Use the Virtual Websites for easy sign up, on your own time, after you have made your decision. This way there is no pressure to become part of any Sales Team…unless YOU decide to make this a part-time business. A good MLM company can be good part-time businesses, IF you choose the right company and products. Again, look at ARTICLES for the “Three Secrets to MLM’s…” for tips from long-time and very successful MLM millionaires…these now rich people DO exist, we “picked their brains” and shared some of their best helps in the Three Secrets articles…. 5. Enjoy your products! MLM’s typically have better quality products, it’s the only way they can last for 5 to 70 years. Most of all, like the products yourself and USE these companies and buy your excellent products wholesale….it is the only way! The best of luck to you! Trust your gut instincts, buy wholesale, and USE these MLM companies from now on! And for those who want an instant sales training team, conventions and social life in business, these may be the way to go. Some MLM favorites: *www.innerlightinc.com/greenup Every single one of these products are impressive, scientifically tested, tried AND look good in the bloodstream… “the river of life”. Also, for the outside of the skin, they now offer exclusively, from Beverly Sassoon skin restoration, without going to the dermatologist for a harmful peel and excellent skin care helps for aging, damaged skin. (We love it!) This company is around 5 years new. www.clingo.wachtersdistributor.com Cold-pressed Sea Mineral products. Try this natural energy booster that athletes also appreciate, as well as the Innerlight SuperGreens…. Our favorites are; FUTURA 200 for ENERGY on those sluggish mornings or afternoons, one to three tablets are enough…and their Sea minerals for plants and animals. (This company does NOT require Autoship for a check…Buy $150 or more, get “free sign up” at this point and get a 7% return on any item you purchase over that amount. Easy.) This company has lasted over 70 years! www.HQIonline.com/?ID=1546 These are the BEST Essential Oils on the market, with no fillers or pollutants…this is a company with integrity and much experience in the field. They have FREE signup, no purchase necessary, excellent prices and a simple system for buyers or businesses. This is a NEW MLM. *http://forevergreen.myvoffice.com/2839 For those that want a NEW and HOT MLM company, this is IT!!! Everyone doing business in this company truly seems to be having LOTS of fun! We like their gourmet food items such as Garlic. For those who are addicted to chocolate, this company boosts a truly addicting, pure dark chocolate for those clients and friends that consider it an essential part of their food group…. watch out, it really is addicting! (This dark chocolate is from South America and is sweetened with raw cane sugar and contains no dairy or fillers. A Women's PMS friend once a month…?) This company is less than 6 MONTHS NEW…and really growing fast! BEST TIME IN THIS COMPANY TO GET "IN"!!! *http://nutronix.com/eyeandsoul has these wonderful “SHU LI “ patches that has been known to help pull out heavy metals and parasites from the system through the acupressure points on the feet. Some like to put them on a bruise or ache directly and experience the pain lifting away. I tried it on a sore knee and it really did work....Truly amazing… and comes from a tree! (Their other products haven’t been tested by us.) Written for The Green Up! Company and www.kitchenalive.com
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