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My Two Weeks of Cleansing..... So many cleanses out there...do we really have to suffer?
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Back in March of 2004 I went to my first Microscopy training, with Dr. Robert O. Young, author of the “pH Miracles” series. I had just barely paid my $34.95 sign up fee to buy Innerlight™ at wholesale and did it mainly for my son, whom I was very concerned about turning into a “dough boy” with all the pizza and pasta he ate, not to mention getting chronically ill if that pattern continued. So, the first morning of our training, they brought in this green “smoothie”. I hesitantly took a dip through the pile of dried coconut. The sourness of lime hit my tongue and I backed up for just a second. This isn’t a smoothie…but then it hit my bloodstream. That’s when all my cells jumped for joy and for the next month, that “Avorado Kid Smoothie” became my main meal! By day four of the training, just on one of those green ultra nutritious smoothies a day, I was in a true “cleanse”. All I could think was, “Finally!” Just one scoop of Innerlight SuperGreens was doing something no diet or cleanse could do…completely clear out my sinuses. I discovered that one of the first ingredients was low heat dried wheatgrass juice. My own mother decided to keep the big toe her doctor wanted to cut off when at only 40; she had arthritis so bad it put her in a wheelchair. She left that doctor’s office and instead listened to a wise friend’s suggestion about using fresh wheatgrass juice. “Wheat is the staff of life” Now at nearly 70 years of age, she is very hard to keep up with and has tons of energy…and all her toes. So when my own head got nice and stuffy drinking those greens, I knew it was a good thing. For years I had been looking for a way to clear that stuffiness from my head, a residue I am sure was from all the cheese and milk, etc. of youth. The rawfood diet was very helpful as well. I had been looking for a great way to heal that part of myself and had tried so many cleanses. And so on wonderful, inexpensive, green food, my body cells rejoice and get stronger constantly.

After around a week of a stuffy head, and being a little tired…going to bed earlier was a wise thing, my head cleared and my sinuses were clearer than they had been for years and years. I felt much more energy. I tried an experiment about a month later… I tried a little regular cheese. Something I wouldn’t touch before…not that I want to now, I don’t. But I knew that it isn’t “normal” to be allergic so I wanted to see what my body did…. Usually I would completely stuff up, get”cold-like” symptoms, have lots of mucous, headache and be very tired. Then I would cough and cough, and feel miserable for a month! But there was only a bit of mucous that dropped out and that was it. My body could handle it being cleaned up.

I know that greens are more important than we have been paying attention to. I do have to say that most of us eat way too many carbs and this includes fruit! If we can get our carbs or fruits down to at least 27% of our diet, we would be much better off. Greens, water and healthy plant fats such as avocado and cold-pressed oils ought to constitute 71% of our diet and proteins, including nuts, remain at only 2%. Those that have tried these percentages find surprising success. In my experience, and looking at the live blood cell, I now see how important eating many more greens are in the diet, as well as healthy plant fats and a nice amount of good water. I now consider my water as food!

And so, for those going through a “cleanse”, I have one thing to say; Hang in there!!!
The body is extremely forgiving. But we have to take charge. We cannot “listen to our bodies” when they are acidic, because they want more acid! We will crave chocolate, soda and other acidic items. After years of my own experiments on my own self as well as talking to hundreds of people and researching for almost 30 years, I know we have to force our body to drink down the greens, and eat healthy! The hardest part is to get through the initial cleanse. It is rather like giving birth to a baby…. at the very end, in transition, when the mother just wants to escape…that is when the baby is going to be born soon after. When we are going through our own re-birthing process and want to escape, or quit, just hang in there! We are really birthing a whole new life…a life of good health.

One more thing; After that first two weeks, I have found two Colonics, one day after another is the best thing we can do…. because that heavy, acid matter is much softer and ready to move OUT of our bowels. Just know, in my experience, life and the way we eat WILL get more peaceful on the greener side of the fence.

Is all this work and dietary change worth it? Well, every time I go up in an airplane, and have no problems with the altitude, I say YES!!! Every time I get to 5:00 p.m. still feeling great, I say YES!!! When I wake up automatically at 6:40 a.m. each morning feeling as good as I did as a child, I say YES!!! When I go grocery shopping and SAVE money because we are eating inexpensive, simple REAL foods, I say YES!!! And when I see my skin still looks okay after 40 plus years, my hair is staying in, and I feel as good as I did when I was 22...YES!!!

Oh, YES…. then there is ENERGY!!! SuperGreen Power!!! I don’t have to eat until around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and I used to have shaky hands if I didn’t eat by 10 a.m. Now I drink around 3 to 4 liters of SuperGreens a day, feel a constant energy all day, and go all day. Energy is a gift of life! My life has completely changed for the better and now I am very busy with many activities that bring much joy to my daily living.

Here is to your peace, health and energy in green!

Karie Clingo
Nutritional Microscopist
Founder and Specialist of the Cellular Remodulation Technique

P.S. My son lost weight simply taking the Innerlight SuperGreen Capsules (16 a day)…no dietary change besides that…. We have all noticed better skin, more energy and a happier teenager!

For product information Check out www.innerlightinc.com/greenup
For questions contact Karie at; seekariego@msn.com
(I like to start my clients on the Foundation Pack and the Ortho Pack, or Micodetox. Then go to the Athletic Pack the second month. My goal is to use all the packs myself…. so far, so great!)
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