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Master Moving Tips for Selling or Renting Your Place Quick Tips for Those Who Are Moving; Either Renting Out Their Place, or Selling Their Home
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by Karie Clingo Whether you are moving from a rental, or your own home, there a few tips that I have found useful to remember when it’s that time again…. First-- Get rid of extra stuff! That does NOT mean putting it in storage. That means, sharing it with others. Either bring it to the Deseret Industries, or Good Will Centers, or Salvation Army, or invite your family to come shopping through your home. Just let them know what you are keeping and what you are giving away. To clean out closets, drawers, or any space; 1. Take EVERYTHING OUT. Pile it on the floor. It makes you committed! 2. Wipe down the cupboard, closet, or drawer….make it clean, you won’t want to clutter up nice clean spaces… 3. Get a trashcan, a GIVE AWAY BOX and a KEEP BOX and put it next to your pile, turn on good up beat music, put the timer on, and start sorting! Do it quickly; THROW AWAY, Give Away….Keep….every time you pick up an item. Do it FAST, so you don’t have time to go back into memory lane… 4. Now, put back, on your nice clean shelves, the KEEP ITEMS. 5. Toss the THROW AWAYS 6. Within 24-48 hours, GIVE AWAY the GIVE AWAY ITEMS!!!! Okay, so those are your extras. For the bigger items, like furniture, invite extended family, preferably poor college students and newlyweds to come pick up the extras. Things you don’t want to haul to your next place. You WILL want to buy new things for the new place--even if it is an old place, but new to you. When you get there, and there is lots of space, the Universe will get busy filling your pocketbook so you can fill the space. There’s a saying; “The Universe hates a vacuum....” Trust that!!! Put your new desired furniture on your Vision Board. If you don’t have one of those, or know what it is, you can Google it or go to; www.3KeyElements.com and check out their suggestions. IT WORKS!!! Preparing your home for a potential buyer, or renter; 1. Sprinkle cinnamon on a cookie sheet, and put the oven on the lowest possible heat….the lovely, home-baked cookie smell will permeate the home or space and make them feel “at home”….that’s a good thing. 2. Shine up all the things in your home that can be shined. The sink faucets, mirrors, surfaces, pictures, windows on your entry door, toilet, tub, etc. Make them SHINE!!! 3. Make sure your entry is clean and inviting. Put a plant on the porch. Make sure your welcome mat says WELCOME, instead of this mat is beaten up, and so is the house…if the welcome mat is old, buy a new one! 4. Put all your personal effects away. This includes your family and pet photos, and pictures of Jesus. Let them imagine THEIR family there and let them put their own pictures of Jesus around. 5. You have already gone through your cupboards, drawers, and closets so they don’t run screaming when they open them; BECAUSE THEY WILL! Just know that. 6. Don’t fight with your significant other before they come. That’s bad ju ju…Fight later. Not at all would be preferable, but you know some people are just married to people who like to beat their chests and swing from vines. Vibrations DO hang around… 7. Have as few things on the counters and shelves as possible. Invest in some plastic plants to fill that space. It looks better than your nick knacks. 8. Since your bathrooms are actually clean, don’t spray that awful room deodorant all over, or use those plug-ins—most people nowadays are allergic to all that artificial pretend- this- room- is- clean perfumes that overload our delicate sensory systems. Instead, use some nice potpourri in the bathroom drawer instead—and make it Lavender, or a nice woodsy smell—or even cinnamon. 9. Use a Realtor, if you are selling your home—and GET OUT OF THERE!!! DO NOT BE HOME when the potential buyer comes to call. Seriously, they don’t want to know who lives there. YOU want them to imagine themselves there. As soon as they see you, they will see YOU everywhere, instead of them. Big mistake. If you are selling it by owner, say as little as possible, and let them wander around on their own. Then, after their self tour, they can come to you for any questions. The same thing applies for renters. 10. Paint. Keep the colors neutral. White, tan. The smell of fresh paint is also pleasant and tells them that you care about your place. The best thing you can do is prepare yourselves and your home space for its next occupants. Perhaps take a vacation, or go to the in-laws for the weekend. When you get home, pay attention to the first smell that hits you at the door. Look at your home or place with fresh eyes. What do people see when they come to your yard? Trim up the yard. Have everything clean, tidy and smelling good, then let the right buyer find your home. They will know it’s theirs, just help them feel and know that by some thoughtful preparations beforehand. Too many people let a seller go by, when they haven’t quite cleaned the bathrooms, or haven’t bothered to put everything away. Take the time to prepare for your buyers or renters—and you will have success. And while you wait, your place will be clean, smell good and perhaps be a place you will decide to live in after all!
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