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What is a Zen Life Center? Coming Together as Natural Healers & Those Dedicated to Life Abundant

It's time to organize our "Natural Healing World"!!! There are so many beautiful healers and modalities, but as it is now, luck and "happy coincidences" is how we find the one for us. So, some of us "healers" and business-minded people are linking hands and making Alternative Healers easier to find through creating a Directory, and including the Zen Life Center concept, into each Healthy Community we are calling: GreenWise Communities. ZEN LIFE healers and practices are ALL ABOUT LIFE ABUNDANT, and PREVENTING illnesses. We are all about keeping the body strong, learning how to build our health, and to save money by eating and living closer to Nature, and using her wisdom. "Without Vision the people perish." So here is the VISION: There are 3 PHASES of Zen Life Centers, plus the INDEPENDENTS*. INDEPENDENTS: Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, Midwives, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, etc. who have their OWN building or practice, and want to remain independent, but yet be known as a ZEN LIFE participant, and be listed in our Directory, as well as link to our Directory through a LOGO/ Link on their website, plus have the option of advertising on our website, and getting discounts as offered. PHASE I: You can call your place of business a "Zen Life Center" when you have at least 3 different rooms, or areas of healing. Example 1: You have a Massage Therapist, a Chiropractor, and a Yoga classroom together in your building, and support each other. OR... Example 2: You own a Hair Salon and offer Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral and Pedicures. Then, Congratulations! You are a true Zen Life Center. Contact us to get a ZEN LIFE Logo for your website, and to be listed for FREE in our Zen Life Centers directory on our up-coming website: www.ZenLifeCenters.com EMAIL US AT: karie@laughingmother.com Then tell your clients, neighbors, family & friends---and OTHER BODY WORKERS that you know! PHASE II: You have more than 3 options for getting into that "Zen" renewal state, such as: Example 1: You have a center that has a Spa, a Juice Cafe, a Bikram Yoga Studio, a Hair Salon and a Dance Studio! (see a real live example at: www.brickcanvas.com IT'S INSPIRING!!! OR.... Example 2: You are in a building where "healers" & health professionals naturally gathered such as Dentists, Doctors, Physical Therapists, and a Midwifery School. (YES, I've seen this !) PHASE III: You are ready to build and own your own Official "Zen Life Center" in YOUR area, and want to use the name, and get automatic branding for your business! Contact us and we can send you the outline! You will get the LOGO for your website, a Website HEADER, and be listed in PRIME positions on the Zen Life Centers.com website. You will also get interviewed and spotlighted. We have the template, order, fresh ideas, encouragement and, you have the healers, the capital $, and the passion!!! These are going to be peaceful, profitable, inspiring and centers that people of like-mind can gather and spend their time, money and enjoy their time with you! If you have any questions, feel free to email us! Karie@laughingmother.com We change this world one person at a time, and when we are FOR LIFE, we inspire them to do the same! IT'S TIME!!! We hope you will join us. If you feel "the call", and are considered a "health nut" by your friends and family, you've had the call.
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