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Is Your Kitchen ALIVE ?....
Life and Mothers of All Ages
Rawfood.com Retail Outlet Now Open on Saturdays!
Nature's First Law / Rawfood.com co-founders David Wolfe and Stephen Arlin invite you to our Raw Food Superstore - Retail Storefront in San Diego, California. ***** Now open on Saturdays! ***** * Come in and check out our wide variety of organic raw foods and other raw lifestyle products. * Taste free samples of selected exotic organic raw foods from around the world. * Talk to our staff of experienced raw-foodists. * Open to the public Monday-Saturday, 10:00am to 4:00pm We are located at: Nature's First Law Headquarters 1567 North Cuyamaca St. El Cajon, CA 92020 USA (800) 205-2350 (619) 596-7979
Elaina Love
Discover the magic of creating fabulous raw organic cuisine with Chef Elaina Love! She's truly one of the BEST Fresh Chefs Left on the Planet! She offers group classes, products, personalized training and private chef services throughout the world. Check out some FREE recipes by visiting her website and subscribe to her mailing list (you can also call at 415-558-1624). Visit www.rawfoodchef.com. Become a Certified Rawfood Chef!
Eat Raw Website
Great Site for Raw food
Fun Classes with Nadhirrah UTAH
Look for these upcoming fun classes and seminars with Nadhirrah
Camping Food
It’s Party Time (Birthday, Themed parties, etc...)
Food Storage
Children and NUF (Raw Food)
Teenagers and NUF (Raw Food)
Holiday Fun (Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc...)
NUF (Raw Food) For Cats and Dogs
Winter NUF (Raw Food)
School Lunch Menus
Cultural Foods (Indian, Mexican, etc...)
NUF (Raw Food) Babies
Any questions about these classes, or their FABULOUS RECIPE BOOK "In the Season Thereof", call Nadhirrah at 801-356-9711
Living Nutrition Link
This beautiful magazine is a great help to anyone seeking to live a healthier, consious lifestyle. Check out this link!
Do you Have Colitis or Crohns disease?
This site is to help those with this disease get better naturally.
Need Ideas for Meals?
Here is the site for some great motivation
Wachters Link
Wachters is a great place to get your supplements for your deep cell mineral needs...FROM THE SEA. These are COLD PRESSED and RawFood friendly. Athletes like the consistent energy, as do mothers and people on road trips! The ancients used sea minerals for extra strength, as do all healthy cultures. Use it regularly, or for sluggish days. Try it FUTURA for those dips in energy, and while cleansing. Our cats love the sea minerals for animals and the plants the minerals from the sea.
Take a Retreat that gets you in Shape!
The Garden Diet tells all. They will train you to eat well at their beautiful retreats. Check them out for help on how to stick to the raw.
There is a paradox in all this. Until you really love and accept yourself as you are, you won't be kind enough to yourself to let yourself loose the weight or get healthy!
So if you have a weight loss or health issue in your life you are really blessed with a great lesson in love and acceptance.
Accept and love yourself. Make that your goal. You can do it right now at this moment. Breath deeply and be fully accepting and loving of who you are.
Alissa Cohen LIVE FOOD PLUS!
You HAVE to check out this site! Beautiful...LINKS, Rawfood information...a website to enjoy for hours. Love it!
Link to Life Food
A very nice definition of Life Food (another way of saying Raw Food)

Inner Light Incorporated
Innerlight SUPERGREENS...simply the BEST on the planet. 49 low-heat dehydrated greens, including wheatgrass and the leaves of herbs for whole body building. Imagine your picky eaters finally getting their greens! The capsules are ideal for them. End the fights with carb addicts and watch them enjoy more energy and weight dropping off effortlessly. Or, buy the Super Green powder and add to water for better rehydration or add to salads, soups or dressings. Try drinking 4 LITERS a day and watch the food bill go down while your energy goes UP!
VEGUCATE: An individualized Raw Vegan Education Program launches @ Organic Avenue Would you love to have individualized attention while being “vegucated” on how to live an organic & living foods lifestyle? Get your questions answered. Be shown where to shop and where to eat out, what equipment is needed and not needed! Learn to prepare basic and gourmet raw food with qualified instructors. Have your questions answered by a raw medical doctor or from a raw psychologist. Learn what you need and have fun in the process! Transition can be easy and it is definitely rewarding! Find out more about the fantastic support service that is available at Organic Avenue. VEGUCATE is designed to take beginning students to a genuine level of self-confidence and self-control. Beginners lesson available now for scheduling. Please call for more information or to sign up for your first VEGUCATE lesson today! 212.334.4593
GO Foods
Eat at a discount at yesterday's dollars....pre-packaged, organic, some vegan, vegetarian. Nice for Self-reliance, Families, Backpacking, 72-hour Kits, etc.
Health Quest International Essential Oils
This company has years of combined experience and the integrity to make the finest ESSENTIAL OILS on the Market today. Too many Essential Oil companies are skimping and adding harmful fillers to save costs. Health Quest is determined to beat all the other competitors on price and value. Now anyone can buy these for wholesale! Sign up for free. No Autoship! You will also receive a percentage of your own purchases! There is nothing to lose, everything to gain! Tell your practitioners and favorite healers...they will LOVE YOU for this! SIGN UP by clicking on the URL (www.) below or calling their toll-free number; 1-877-491-5921 and tell them you want to sign up use the ID # 1546. Enjoy!
Learn Herbs at the Feet of one of the Herbal Masters...
"During his life-time Dr. John R. Christopher changed the lives of thousands of students through his teachings. His classic herbal lectures are still cherished today. Get his books and lectures and learn from one of the greatest herbal masters of our times!" 1-800-372-8255

Improve your UnCooking or Become a Rawfood Chef!
Be one of the nearly 400 raw vegan culinary instructors or people that just want to improve the flavors going into their mouths...from over 20 countries to study with Cherie Soria. Take just one of these courses and your real food preparation will change forever...it is amazingly delicious what they can do with nature!
Call 702-851-4040 for signups and information.
Get Excellent Prices for Fresh Food Tools, etc.
This website is put together for our information and help. The prices here are good and thoughtful for tight budgets. Sign up for their newsletter for updates by going to: healing@gogreen.org
Automatic Sprouter for fresh greens daily
Add sprouts to your daily meals and enjoy a more Alkaline balance. Better skin, hair, sparkling eyes and stamina. Sprouts are inexpensive and clean, no pesticide to worry about and much more nutritional value.
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