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Is Your Kitchen ALIVE ?....
Life and Mothers of All Ages
Sleep well in Poland!
This company rents furnished apartments for one night to over a month to families and groups at reasonable prices and with excellent service. Eat health and fresh foods easily here with your own kitchen, see a wonderful country, and enjoy friendly people! Saves money too! Home Sweet Home while traveling....
See a Real Solar Home at Work...and Much, Much More!
In this website is a real Solar Home built by an atomic physicist from NIST in a small rural town in Utah. He also designed a solar air conditioner called the "black chimney". Brain food and healthy Vegan Recipes are also sprinkled in this interesting website! (Heard of GPS? This scientist was very instrumental in getting that in the air "for the good of all mankind...not just governments..." This humble scientist simply wants to bless mankind. Now where do we find that anymore?!!!)
Join us in the Sun...Using A Better Way to Heat
Come join this fast growing industry that promises a future for all...naturally using the LIGHT of the Sun to heat and generate electricity. This is a very viable business and makes sense for our growing planet.
Look at free energy and better energy sources...
Come join with like minds to gather, buy, support and develop better energy systems and forums so we can all get out of the dark and into the new light of more intelligent earth-friendly energy sources.
Learn to preserve, conserve and breathe...Build Well.
Why not make the place we work so hard to pay for and create a place of health and beauty for the earth as well? Our homes are our greatest assets, where we rest, love and play. Learn from this company! Look for these Green Building Center Products such as Cotton Insulation, Solar Electric Systems, Organic Cotton Bedding, Recycled Roofing Shakes...and more!
Fast Growing Trees
These trees grow 6 to 10 feet a year. Costs vary in the $7 to $12 range delivered. Potted. Brochure. Call 1-800-615-3405
Organize Your OWN Tax Records Much Easier!
Save money, headaches and taxes and organize your finances with this simple system.
"A home-based business offers some of the last and best tax write-offs still available to the "little guy". Yet, even if you work out of the home, this portable, uniquely simple, tax record keeping system was designed specifically with PRACTICAL FINANCIAL MATTERS in mind...From Homemakers to Wall Street, get a better handle on the money with this system. IDEAL FOR Network Marketers and SELF EMPLOYED...GET ALL THE TAX WRITE-OFFs that you deserve! How many write-offs do you lose each year due to poor record keeping?"
Healthful Living Site
Great site for general insite on healthful living
Care2 make the world greener!
Good People. Great Causes. Get Connected on Care2 Connect
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